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I have been very disheartened by the lack of wisdom the leaders of America have displayed lately. After all, not just Americans are watching but the whole world is sizing us up. This blog post today is not intended to be a political one so please hear me out and read on. I am not bashing the left or the right side of politics because frankly both sides have acted childish and immature with their actions and words.

I am reading through the Bible this year and I am currently working my way through Job. Not an easy read but as I have been praying about our country and for our leaders these verses jumped off the page to me about wisdom. It was spoken from a man named Elihu who just happened to be listening in on Job and his friends conversations. Job's friends had been judging and bashing him for what they thought was Job's sinful behavior which had wrecked havoc on Job's life to the point his family had been wiped out, he lost all of his money and livestock, had boils all over his body, and was in complete depression and felt destitute.

Elihu was young in age and at first didn't feel like he was worthy of speaking up so he listened. There is much wisdom in listening and not acting or speaking prematurely, this is a great lesson to learn. When Elihu finally spoke, this is what he said that was so profound. "I thought, "Age should speak; advanced years should teach wisdom." But it is the spirit in a person, the breath of the Almighty that gives them understanding. Job 32: 7-8 NIV

As I thought about these verses, I have been taken aback because I too have been judging our leaders for their behavior and I haven't been able to understand why at their ages they haven't acted more mature with their actions and their words but friends, maturity and wisdom doesn't just happen within a person because they are a ripe old age. Real maturity and wisdom comes from God. Obviously our leaders need wisdom and discernment. They need God's wisdom and we as Americans need our leaders to yield towards Gods wisdom to lead and guide us like never before.

Would you join me in praying for our leaders and stop judging them as Job's friends judged him? Just as Job needed true friends who would pray and support him through his troubling times so do our leaders of our country need us to support them with prayer. It's always easier to sit back and think we know what's going on and be quick to judge but only God really knows what we need and where we are with our spiritual maturity. Today and in the coming weeks, pray instead of judge. If you find yourself being quick to judge your friends, family, co-workers, or the leaders of our country instead of judging, P-R-A-Y. Pray without ceasing and let's see God's wisdom shine through us and our leaders of this great country.

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