The Teacher of Death

They say things come in three’s. Yesterday I was faced with death, once again.  No, I didn’t have a near death experience personally.   But I lost a friend who is close to my age and we grew up in the same hometown.  She had struggled for years with a physical illness and now she has been set free into the arms of our loving God to take care of her for eternity.  She is without pain now and lives with LOVE and JOY like we have never experienced here on earth. This gave me HOPE.

Last week, I attended a funeral of my husband’s long-time neighbor in the town where he grew up.  His neighbor was like a second mother to him, she watched and listened out for him when he was a young boy getting off the bus and he was very close to her sons.   They always had a game of basketball or football going in their yards on a daily basis.  Ms. Hattie was a delightful and vibrant woman, always put together and had a smile to share with everyone she met.  Her last years of her life were not so magical.  She became wheelchair bound over night due to a spinal stroke from a surgery she had.  She was pretty much paralyzed from her waste down.  She never once complained or questioned God about the surgery that went so terribly wrong.  Now she can walk, run, and play golf again that is if there is golf course in heaven!  This gave me HOPE.

Yesterday, as I was moving forward with the death of my hometown friend and my husband’s neighbor, I received a text message from a family member that they lost a very close friend and colleague.  I knew this person too and he had been struggling with a physical illness for sometime and was in great pain, especially towards the end of his life.  He too was able to pass over into eternity and is now in the loving arms of God.  This gave me HOPE.

As I started reflecting on death and the lives of these people I began to realize that death teaches us many valuable lessons.  It reminded me once again that life is so very short.  We need to make the most of the time we have been given because our life could end at any moment.  We are all essentially one heartbeat away from death….

We develop daily and even annual plans for our lives when tomorrow is never guaranteed.  This is why God commands us to live one day at a time. "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own". — Matthew 6:34

Death also teaches us how relationships should not be taken for granted.  We never know when or how our family and friends may depart this earth, therefore we should always cherish our times with each other.  Relationships are much more important than material things.  Relationships heal our souls, gives us unconditional love, and help us to laugh, even if it is at ourselves sometimes.

The last lesson death has taught me over the past few days is to start seeing each day with my spiritual eyes more than my physical eyes.  When we get God’s viewpoint spiritually speaking, we see things so much broader and bigger than when we limit our vision to the physical realm. 

As Christians, we are able to live in eternity NOW versus just living in this world.  I don’t know about you but although I am physically here in this world, my soul longs to be in heaven with my loving and eternal Father.   Especially, in these days with everything that is going on in this world.  The news each day is like watching a horror movie at times.  But I cannot dwell on the evils of this world; God has me still here for a purpose and until He calls me home I will live one day at a time with utter dependence on Him, cherish my beautiful friends and family, and never leave my home without wearing my spiritual lenses. 

This, my friends gives me HOPE to face another day....

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