"The Power of Influence"

Being an influential person can have negative or positive consequences.  I was at church recently and my Pastor was talking about the story of Sarai (Abraham’s wife) in his sermon and it was the part about her talking Abraham into sleeping with her slave Hagar to bear a child.  Sarai was impatient because she was unable to bear children to this point so she had schemed up a cleaver plan to work around God’s plan…or so she thought.   This story happened in Genesis and it got me to thinking about Eve also in Genesis talking Adam into eating that darn apple in the Garden. 

Now, clearly these two stories didn’t play out well at all for these families and Eve’s decision is still wrecking havoc on the human race from that misguided influence all those years ago.  Sin is clearly rampant today.

My point is, take your position of influence seriously.  Be secure with your power of influence even if you don’t have the worldly position or the title to go with it.  For me personally, I may not be the face of our company or the head of our household but don’t think for one minute that I don’t have a powerful influence on decisions being made at home or in the office. 

As I was writing this blog my older son came and sat down in front of my desk in our home office.  He asked me, “Did I think God spoke through people?”  I told him absolutely I believed He did.  He went on to tell me a story that had happened to him that week.  He said, Mom I had gotten to school early for a class and was standing in the hall and the Janitor came up and started talking to me.  She asked me was I living to live again? And I had to ask her to repeat herself because I wasn’t sure what she just asked me.  She repeated, “Are you living to live again?”  I politely said “Yes Ma’am.”  And she said, “Wow, I felt the Holy Spirit in you child.” 

Sylvia was her name.  They were standing on the second floor of the high school and just outside a window in front of them was a small pond.  Sylvia pointed to it and said to my son, “Do you see how nice and clear that pond looks standing here on the surface, but when you jump into it you get down in all the muck and dirt of it.  That’s kind of how your life is right now.  You can take part in things you shouldn’t be doing that look fun on the surface or you can choose not to and stay out of trouble.”  Rhett said he looked at her in disbelief with what she was telling him and he shook his head a little and thanked her for her kind words of influence.

He told me after he shared this story with me that he had been wrestling internally about not going to parties he had been invited to because he knew drinking amongst other things may be going on and he just didn’t want to be around it.  Not because he felt like he was better than these friends or acquaintances but because he knew it wasn’t right and he didn’t want to put himself in any compromising positions. 

I told my son I was proud of his choices and he may not always be able to run from circumstances or people but to always stay true to what he believed no matter what.  I also told him that yes without a doubt that was God speaking through Sylvia to him that day and I didn’t believe in consequences and God was ALWAYS on time and knew our hearts better than anyone.  God used a Janitor of the school to speak life and confirmation over my son!

I pray that anyone who reads this will stay true to who they are and will allow God to speak or work through your life to help others and be a good influence in 2018!  

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