Spreading Good Seeds Daily

I attended Joyce Meyer’s 35th Women’s conference in Missouri in late September and her conference theme was based around CELEBRATING!  After all, she and her ministry had a lot to celebrate with this being their 35th year hosting and serving women.  But she challenged each of us to celebrate every day in our personal lives too no matter what valley we were in or how bad our circumstances were, we can always find something to celebrate.  “We can continually focus on the negative or we can look at the positive things in our lives.”   Joyce Meyer

Joyce challenged us at this conference to do at least one act of kindness each week for someone else and build on doing things for others when we got comfortable doing it weekly. 

When I got back home and went through my mail and I opened a package mailed to me which is the book “A Pocketful of Seeds” that I had agreed to review.  This book brought me back to the conference and what Joyce was suggesting we do when we got back home, to sew into other peoples lives on a weekly basis.  But this book written by Debbie Johnson gives me a monthly step-by-step daily devotional to sow into the lives around me each day.  How wonderful and perfect timing!

This is an easy read but it is packed full of daily examples and ideas of how we all can spread seeds of joy into each other’s lives.  And it does not at all have to be monetary ways to spread joy.  God has gifted each one of us with our own special talents and abilities.  A seed to spread may be to give away your talent and experience to someone around you who may be just starting out on a road you once traveled.  Think about how giving your years of experience or helping them avoid the pitfalls and failures could be invaluable to their journey.  It costs nothing but could help your neighbor in invaluable ways. 

It may be shooting someone smile or taking time with someone you would normally avoid.  Spending time with people different than ourselves may help us to understand why they tick and what makes them different.  It could be this person has been continually bullied in life and taking our time to reach out will send a message that we care and not everyone is a bully. 

Most of Debbie’s daily devotionals are less than a page long so you don’t have to devote a lot of time to reading if reading is something you don’t enjoy or have time for.  This book is more about applying what Christ asked us to do when He walked the earth and when He departed for Heaven.   He asked us to love one another and what better way can we love each other than by sowing daily seeds of love, peace, joy, kindness, and forgiveness every day.  Think about that ripple effect if each one of just did it once a week and wow, if we did it daily, we would solve WORLD PEACE! 

I have one of Debbie’s books to give away.  Sign up for my blog for a chance to win.  Even if you don’t win a copy, I do suggest you buy the book.  It will change your life and the folks around you.  

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