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I have been using collagen protein for over a year now. I started with adding a scoop of the flavorless protein in my morning coffee and now I do this every day. The guy who does my nails started noticing how strong my nails had become and at first, I thought it may be my supplemental vitamins but I’m not always good about taking my vitamins every day. Then, it hit me it was my collagen protein because I never miss a morning without it.

I started researching the use of collagen and bought Dr. Axes “The Collagen Diet” book. It was fascinating all the health benefits associated with using collagen protein in our diets. Dr. Axe says in his book, “Our ancestors’ diets were rich in collagen. Today, we consume almost none in the American diet. But thanks to recent research showing that it can do everything from regenerating new tissue to bolstering your immune system, it’s finally getting its due.”

I thought it may be timely to share this info openly in the time we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic. The benefits of using collagen protein are:

· Decreases or eliminates arthritis and joint pain. As you lose collagen-rich cartilage, achy joints become more common.

· Helps to eliminate wrinkles, cellulite, and sagging skin. Collagen makes up 75-80% of skin. Without collagen to provide structure, skin sags and dimples.

· More elastic skin. Our skin is not as elastic without collagen. The results: more frequent cuts, scratches, and abrasions.

· Collagen supports hair growth.

· Collagen increases nail growth and strength.

· Collagen increases muscle growth and strength.

· Increases bone density, collagen is as important as calcium for your bones.

· Decreases or eliminates gastrointestinal problems like loose stools, gas, and bloating. As your digestive tract thins with age these symptoms can become more common.

· Collagen supports your gut lining, and 70% of your immune system is housed in your gut. It can build your immune system and strengthen your resistance to colds, flu, and bugs. A collagen rich diet can prevent cancers.

· Collagen contains glycine, an essential amino acid that’s a powerful anti-inflammatory and helps to protect the mucus lining of the gut.

· Decreases food sensitivities. As the gut lining deteriorates from collagen depletion, you are more likely to develop sensitivities to food or allergies.

· Decreases heart problems. When the collagen in the lining of your arteries begins to breakdown, your arteries, which carry blood from your heart to your tissues become less flexible which can lead to heart disease and high blood pressure.

(The above info was also taken from Dr. Axe’s book, “The Collagen Diet.”)

As you can see, collagen has many health benefits for the body. I can say for myself; I have seen a difference in my bone density and joint health, gut health, and my hair, nails, and skin being strengthened. I started by only adding the collagen to my coffee but now I am trying to find other ways to sneak it into my diet through smoothies, protein cookies and bars, pancakes, soups, and sauces.

The collagen protein I use has the 5 sources of collagen from eggshell, chicken bone broth, fish collagen peptides, and hydrolyzed bovine hide collagen peptides. I personally us the Dr. Axe multi-collagen protein and it has no flavor and is not gritty when added to food. I don’t even know it’s there except for the benefits my body gets from using the collagen. I buy mine here:


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