Plant Monkey Grass when the World Gives You COVID-19

When the world gives you COVID-19 plant some monkey grass! I am living through the confinement too with limiting social interactions but we can either live under a rock scared or embrace the downtime to get some things done we haven’t had time to do or simply just do some fun things with our family we don’t normally do because we are too exhausted from being busy all the time with work, school activities and homework, sporting events, practice, dance, tutoring appointments, meetings, and the list can go on and on.

During this time of having more time at home I rode bikes with my daughter. Do you know how long it’s been since I rode a bike? It’s been a while, but we had a great time and laughed and kept riding because it was so much fun. I have cooked more, I’ve been able to read more, and yes, I even planted monkey grass on a walkway we just had installed. I plan to play some board games and make some chocolate chip pancakes with my daughter as well. We even made the butter mints I promised my daughter we would make some day that I made with my grandmother and I just haven’t made the time to do with her. Libby enjoyed adding the food coloring to make different colored mints.

You see, I want my daughter who is 9 to remember the things we did together during this time of uncertainty in the world than remember all this chaos the adults will remember. Who would have ever thought toilet paper would become a scarcity? I don’t want my children to feel the panic the world is displaying. I feel like it’s my job as their parent to remain calm and display composure through this world wide event. If they see me alarmed and up in arms, why wouldn’t I expect them to be rattled too?

I want my children to remember the normalcy through these times and most importantly I want them to feel loved and safe. It’s always the memories you make that you carry with you through life, positive or negative. I want our times through this pandemic to be positive and if the sky really does fall down, at least we had fun in our own personal way watching it! Truly, this too shall pass.

Take the time you have been given to do some positive things too. Turn off the TV and shut down the internet, I promise all the hype will be there when you decide to tune back in. In the meantime, take advantage of the time you have been given and do something fun and engaging with the people you share life with. Help a neighbor in need or send a note of encouragement. Pray intentionally for your loved ones and friends. I promise your prayers will go further than your worry or conversations about a virus you have no control over. Be wise and smart during this time but don’t become so consumed that it paralyzes and steals your God given joy!

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