Obedience: A Call to Action

Obedience….What is it? What does it mean to you? Why is it important?

The definition of obedience per Websters dictionary is this: “an act (verb) or instance of obeying.”

“If they obey and serve him, they will spend the rest of their days in prosperity and their years in contentment” Job 36:11 NIV

Obedience is a key role in our relationship with God. How does God communicate to us when He is asking us to do something out of obedience for Him?

In my personal relationship, God sends me a gentle nudge to my heart, spirit or mind. For instance, someone may come across my mind or heart out of nowhere. Then, I may run into this person or a mutual friend. God usually keeps crossing a path or bringing this person into my consciousness or real-life experiences.

Obedience comes into play by me acting on this prompting. Obedience is action, it’s an act of doing something. It is my job now to follow through on the obedience by sending a text, email, call, or going to find the person God has asked me to follow-up with and ask, “How are you, you have been on my mind and heart?” If there is nothing going on, then I have been obedient but more times than not, there is usually a reason God places people on our hearts and they then tell us all that is going on in their life and this gives us an opportunity to help or just listen to them and pray for their needs.

As I said last week in my blog, I have put off writing because the enemy got into my head for a few months and had me believing that my writing was a waste of time and didn’t help anyone. But God taught me that my writing is an ACT OF OBEDIENCE TO HIM and not for anyone else. At least it isn’t for me to worry about who or when my writings may touch someone else. I must leave all the consequences of my writing to God but continue to write for Him.

Just recently, I was asked to rejoin a Bible study group that I was a part of in my early years of a church I attended. I was reconnected to a group of women that I haven’t seen in a while and it was so nice to get reacquainted with these ladies and see how much we have all grown spiritually through the years. I learned one of our friends in this group was sick with cancer and had been diagnosed last fall. She is a woman that was so beautiful physically and never looked her age, but she was just as beautiful on the inside with her gentle and loving spirit towards everyone she encountered. My heart grieved to hear she was sick. And this was a cancer that did not have a good prognosis or life expectancy. She kept coming across my mind and I had all intentions to reach out and send her a card to let her know I was praying and thinking about her and to tell her how much she had touched my life.

Unfortunately, she passed away recently and when I got the call my heart dropped. I failed and I didn’t follow through with my act of obedience to reach out and now my opportunity was gone. There is no going back and her life on earth ended without me telling her how special she was to me and how special she was to the world. It’s a hard lesson to learn and it drove home again that obedience is something we can’t keep putting off for tomorrow. Tomorrow may never come and when we are obedient to God, He unlocks the blessings He wants to give us or other people in this life. When we are disobedient, we miss our blessings, and we may be preventing someone else getting a blessing by not reaching out in a time of need.

I can’t urge you enough today, if you feel God prompting you to do something or reach out to someone, just do it! Leave all the consequences to God and receive the blessings God wants to give you today. It is better to obey actively now than to have regrets of being disobedient and not having the opportunity if tomorrow never comes.

For every act of obedience towards God, it gives us an opportunity to become closer with a more intimate walk with God. If we are obedient to His every call, He gives us more and more. He can trust us with what He has for us and as we act and walk towards His obedience we become more spiritually mature and can see physically and spiritually in ways we never dreamed were possible.

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