Menopause and Teenagers

What do menopause and teenagers have in common?  A whole lot of anxiety and confusion....

I happen to be in my early 40's and my oldest son just turned 16.  Our season of ages really is not a good combination these days.  I feel like a monster has invaded my body most days when I look in the mirror and interact with my family and friends.  Then I look to my son and feel the same way about him.  Who stole my precious and polite son and where did they take him?  

Oh, the days are long and the years are short.  I know this to be true but sometimes just getting through these days is a battle and can be very draining. I have felt fear, anxiety, confusion, exhaustion, and some days I just want to give up. 

But I've chosen to look within and lean more on God.  Usually when I am trying to control situations around me, God is trying to teach me something or grow me more in my faith.  I have realized lately when things don't go my way, I overreact.  Someone near and dear to me told me recently that overreacting is just as detrimental as under-reacting. Finding balance with my emotions is a priority now.   When I am frustrated, angry, and confused I am learning to take a time out and think before I act or speak.

Prayer and choosing my battles has also helped me.  God always offers me other options when I pray and seek His guidance.  He has taught me to be more graceful and forgiving when I pull from His mighty strength.  If you are facing struggles too, seek the one that knows you the best and can help you be a better mother, friend, wife, sister, or co-worker.  God is in the business of changing hearts and making us beautiful from the inside out.  See each day as a present to be a better you.  Don't continue to be discouraged, get empowered and be a blessing to everyone you encounter.  

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