Blind Faith

Faith can be a tricky thing for even the most seasoned Christian to the baby Christian with a new found faith.  We all have struggled and wrestled with God about faith and obedience at some point in our walk.   

“Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”Hebrews 11:1 NIV

I was reminded of a story of my own personal testing of faith today with a co-worker.  It was quite timely for me and it may be for you too.

I was in my first 3 years of Nursing and I applied for a newly created position with my current organization.  On paper, I didn’t have the education or years of experience they were looking for but oh how I knew I could do this position if given the opportunity.  I applied along with a dozen of other people who did have the education and years of experience so the best I could hope for was that I would just get called for an interview. 

I stepped out in faith initially and called the current Director of the department and low and behold we knew each other’s family.  We had a great conversation and I felt good that I may be given a chance at the job but I still had unresolved doubt.

I got a call for the interview and it went very well but I wasn’t completely “qualified” still on paper.  I made mention through my interview if I was offered the position I would go back to school and continue my degree/s and I did make good on that promise fast forwarding to a few years later. 

Days went by and I didn’t hear anything about the position.  I even called to follow-up on my interview to let HR know I was still very much interested in the job.

I prayed to God and I remember telling Him if He could just open this door for me that I would walk through it no matter what…

Later that week, I got the call and the job offer.  But it was for a $5.00 an hour cut in my current pay.  You see, I had a 2 year old at the time and I was currently pregnant with our second child and we were building our first home.  We had based our finances and budget on our current salaries.  We were in no position to take a cut in pay, not at this time. 

I knew God had opened this door for me and I didn’t want to let Him down by not accepting the job.  So I went to my spouse and told him I was taking the job against his will.  And if I needed to make extra money to make ends meet I would take call on the weekends in Homecare for the extra money.   This would mean me working all week and working weekends too but I was willing to make the sacrifice. 

I called the hospital and I accepted the position.  This was a hard time in my marriage because my spouse and I were not initially on the same page with this decision.

We were leaving that weekend for an already planned anniversary trip to the mountains and yes this decision of mine overshadowed the topic of conversation a few times over the weekend.  I knew in my heart I made the right decision but I was disappointed in the cut in pay and how this would impact our young family and finances.  

We got home from the mountains and I had a message from the HR department on my answering machine.  The message was to inform me that they had my pay scale wrong and my hourly rate would actually be $5.00 more an hour instead of less than my current rate of pay.  Oh, I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was and how I knew at that moment this situation was a HUGE testing of my faith and what God was doing in my life.  You see, had I have turned the position down; they would have offered the job to the next person.   And I would have never seen the whole situation play out. 

Isn’t God good?  Yes, I know He is and I do believe that these times of testing our faith are hard but I grew so much as a Christian from that experience and it made my faith so much stronger.  Has it made my obedience to God easier in other situations I have faced?  No.  In fact, I wish I could always be this headstrong with my obedience in everything that God calls me to.  It’s just not always easy.  But this is what faith is all about…..being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we cannot see.  I was sure I wanted this job back then and I knew God could make it happen if it was His will for me.  

I am so thankful of how God has been faithful to me through the years looking back.  In each area of my life He continues to bless me and grow my faith.  How about you?  Where is God trying to test or grow your faith?  Do you have hope and certainty?

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