Be a Focused Image Bearer

My mind and spirit have been meditating on this verse in the Bible the past few days…. The verse is: “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness, and let them rule over the fish in the sea and the birds of the air, over the livestock, over all the earth, and over all the creatures that move on the ground.” Genesis 1:26

Have you really ever thought through this verse before? God isn’t seen in Genesis and has no physical body but yet we are made in his image. Also, who is the “us” in this verse referring to? There is only ONE true God. I have to assume this "us" is referring to the Trinity. Right?

Per the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, image means a visual representation of something.

Again, God is not seen so image in this context of the Bible has to be referring to God’s characteristics which is His love, patience, forgiveness, kindness, and faithfulness.

If you believe in Jesus Christ, then God was “seen” when Jesus was born. Jesus was God in human form on earth. He was “God-Man”. He was also without sin because of who He was.

God’s image isn’t a grumbling, criticizing, unforgiving, or boasting spirit. He isn’t unlovable or unkind to others and He doesn’t gossip about us to His other children. How can we say we are for God and what He represents when we act without patience and without love in our hearts towards other people in our lives? How can we be critical of others when we are not perfect and fall short of God’s grace at every turn but yet He keeps extending His unfailing Grace to us all the time.

If you read further down in this verse it is saying God wants us to rule over the fish, birds of the air, livestock, and over all the creatures that move on the ground. It doesn’t say anywhere in this verse that we are to rule over people, condemn, control, and judge them. This is God’s job not ours. He needs our help with the creatures of this earth. Let’s make God happy and proud of us by helping Him and displaying His characteristics in and through our lives. Let’s give the gift of being His image bearer this Christmas but let’s also extend this gesture into 2020 and beyond.

Remember, God Is in the heart business and He is less concerned with our outward appearance. You may put on a good show to those around you but don’t think you are fooling God. You may be going through something right now or may have just come out of something but the best way to get through the tough times in life is to let go of what binds you and brings you down. Let go of the pride, fear, un-forgiveness, bitterness, resentment, guilt, or shame. None of these characteristics will ever serve you positively. Be less concerned with the people who have hurt you in life and get more concerned with The One who really loves you and says you are important to Him. He made you in His likeness and in His Image. God doesn't make junk or garbage. Go out and be who He made you to be and represent Him significantly well! You will be blessed and will be a blessing to others.

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