How is it even possible to experience joyful hope with afflictions?  Joy/Hope and afflictions/tribulations aren’t even words that should be in the same sentence. Right?

We never know what our fellow neighbor may be going through.  But God does.  He knows so perfectly and can use someone else’s past pains and hurts to give another person HOPE in their personal situation.

Tonight I read this verse, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer”. Romans: 12:12 (NIV) and it never really made sense to me the way it did tonight.  You see God placed someone so strategically in my path, to give her HOPE.   It was really all she wanted but more importantly, it was all she needed to cling to what she was walking through. I had nothing to offer her from my past experiences except HOPE.  And that same HOPE gave this person a lighter heart and the momentum to move forward and face another day.

I believe after today that God wants us to expect HOPE in all situations whether they are good, bad or unexpected.  With faithful prayer we should also trust that God is in control and is working out our circumstances sovereignly.  No matter what we are facing…

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